Rachel Naomi Design

CSS Dev Conference 2014, New Orleans

Day 2

Keynote Q+A, Dan Cederholm, Dribbble

CSS Architecture, Jon Snook

Layout Design Patterns, John Ferris, Aten Design Group

Gutter Pull

margin Overflow

.block-title{} grid with 3 items padded equally, but edge doesnt line up to uter grid, add negative margin to line up text

Intrinisc ratios



Gutter grid: give a gutter to space content

Gutterless grid: use empty columns for grid: 23/24 column grid

Asymmetric grid: grid designed for content: Shirty

Class-based grid system: Zurb foundation grid

Semantic: align elements to grid by applying layout properties

Flow layout: inlining series of elements with defined widths

Isolation layout: give each negative floating margin

Best of: CSS, Accessibility, and YOU!, Derek Featherstone

Become a Sublime Power User, Wes Bos

8 Packages to speed up workflow and make life awesome

Pimp your editor